3rd Strategic Goal 1 Meeting ended

3rd Strategic Goal 1 (SG1) Meeting was carried out in Liberec, Czech Republic on 9-10 October 2019 with the great hospitality of the SG1 Coleaders, SAIs of Czech Republic and Germany. The meeting was started with the overview of the current developments in the EUROSAI Operational Plan, by the TCA as the EUROSAI Presidency and the Chair of the Coordination Team as well as by the the SAIs of Czech Republic and Germany. Following the introduction of the draft documents “Template for the Project Closure” and “Recommendation of the Coordination on Quality Assurance of EUROSAI Products”, progress reports on current projects were presented by the participant SAIs of Germany,, Czech Republic, Belgium, Hungary and UK. Benchmarking Information Exchange Project (BIEP) workshop was also held to keep the participants updated about the BIEP process.

In the afternoon session, a detailed information on the approaching XI EUROSAI Congress to be held in Prague in 2020 as well as the workshops to be organized was given by the SAI of Czech Republic. General outlines of the workshops that will be held on “Audit of e-Gov projects”, “Investigations at the UK NAO” and “Emerging issues in the strategic planning of SAIs” were also presented by the representatives of the SAI of Turkey, UK and Finland (through videoconference) respectively. SAI of Sweden also delivered brief information of their workshop on the implementation of the IFPP. First day of the meeting was concluded with the Progress reports on current projects of the SAIs of Lithuania, Portugal and Estonia.

Second day of the SG1 meeting was mainly devoted to dicussion and brainstorming sessions on issues such as integrating of the EUROSAI databases to make them more friendly and effective; and expectations from the next EUROSAI Presidency as well. Following the update of the SG1 part of the Operational Plan with the feedbacks of WGs and TFs, the meeting ended with best wishes.



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