Webinar on “Non-financial and Integrated Reporting in the Public Sector” Held by ECIIA and EUROSAI

ECIIA and EUROSAI organised a webinar entitled “Non-financial reporting and Integrated Reporting in the Public Sector: towards integrated accountability and value creation stories based on integrated thinking” on the 30th September 2020.

Webinar in partnership with EUROSAI and ECIIA hosted five panelists, two of whom are representatives from EUROSAI and ECIIA and three are academicians from different universities.

In the one-hour webinar, firstly, as a joint project of ECIIA and EUROSAI, the results of the surveys applied in the public sector of 30 countries in order to have information about reporting habits regarding non-financial reporting were announced and question-based analysis was made.

Afterwards, brief information was given on the importance of the non-financial and integrated reporting system realized by the academicians on the basis of institutional integrated thinking, its benefits for the institution and stakeholders and its difficulties in implementation.



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