52nd EUROSAI Governing Board Meeting was held online

52nd EUROSAI Governing Board e-Meeting was held online on 12 November, 2020, which is also the 30th Anniversary of EUROSAI (European Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions), chaired by Mr. Seyit Ahmet BAŞ, President of Turkish Court of Accounts (TCA) and EUROSAI.

The meeting was attended by the Presidents of GB member SAIs as well as the representatives of the Chairs of EUROSAI Working Groups and Task Forces, non-GB member Coleaders of Strategic Goals, INTOSAI Secretariat and the INTOSAI IDI.

In order to conduct the GB meeting in a short and effective manner, the general format of the e-meeting was decided to be in written and only if there are any decision points, to allow for short oral reports.

In the opening ceremony, participants shared their valuable opinions and messages regarding the EUROSAI’s 30th anniversary. Mr. Baş also, following his commemorial speech, stated with pleasure that the TCA created a “Memorial Plantation Area” in Ankara for the 30th anniversary of EUROSAI, consisting of trees dedicated to each member SAI with a name plate on, representing EUROSAI's deep-rooted past and cooperation that will hopefully last for many years. A video, regarding this memorial forest as a 30th anniversary event was also shared by the TCA.

On the agenda of the meeting, approval of the EUROSAI Activity Report 2019-2020 and draft minutes of the 51th GB e-meeting; reporting activities regarding the implementation of the EUROSAI Strategic Plan, reporting activities regarding the activities of the EUROSAI Working Groups and Task Forces, 2019 EUROSAI financial information, reporting activities within the scope of relations with INTOSAI, update of the organisation of the XI EUROSAI Congress in Prague next year and discussion of the application for EUROSAI membership took place.

52nd EUROSAI Governing Board Meeting, which has proved to be a good example of remote cooperation under ongoing pandemic crisis, was successfully held online and ended with the closing speech of President Mr. BAŞ.



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