SAI Bosnia and Herzegovina Published a Brochure on the Role and Importance of Independent Institutions

Audit Office of the Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina prepared and delivered a brochure on the role and importance of independent institutions aiming to familiarize civil servants in the institutions of BiH with the guiding rules and principles for supreme audit institutions operations.

The Brochure presents:

• Competence and role of the supreme audit institution, as an independent institution in parliamentary and public oversight of the executive;

• The role of audits in strengthening accountability, transparency and efficiency of public administration and preventing corruption;

• Principles of the Audit Office of the Institutions of BiH work;

• Monitoring implementation of recommendations and its impact on strengthening public administration.

Based on this document, civil servants from the institutions of BiH were provided with an online training to learn more on the role of public sector audit and importance of SAI Bosnia and Herzegovina.

You can reach the Brochure here which is available in English.



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