Project Group on Auditing the Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic – Heads of SAIs webinar progress update on 26th March

The Project Group on Auditing the Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic was established in May 2020 as it was seen that EUROSAI SAIs could and would benefit from this kind of truly global challenge by international cooperation and peer support. The project was launched in June 2020 with the Heads of SAIs webinar and the operational plan further developed based on the roundtable discussions (where multiple areas of interest were raised). The results were shared in July 2020 for the Heads of the SAIs. Currently we have 34 members in the Project Group.

As promised in the Project Group’s TORS, the participating SAIs’ will be informed on a regular basis of the work of the project and its’ 12 workstreams. Progress update was delivered on March 26th for the Heads of the participating SAIs in order to share the information on the project’s and its individual workstreams’ achievements and work done, as well as to facilitate the discussion whether and how to continue the work of the Project Group after its first year mandate. This discussion will be held in May – June this year.

Year one progress update of the Project Group will be published April 12th. The update will summarise the knowledge sharing activities (including 20 knowledge sharing events), SAIs’ audit responses and some resources produced by the Project Group.



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