EUROSAI Presidency Crystal was handed over to Mr. Miloslav Kala by the Turkish Ambassador to Prague Mr. Egemen Bağış

The Turkish Ambassador to Prag, Former Minister of State and EU Mr. Egemen Bağış visited the President of Supreme Audit Institution of Czech Republic, Mr. Miloslav Kala and handed over the EUROSAI Presidency Crystal on behalf of Mr. Seyit Ahmet Baş.

With the online 11th EUROSAI Congress on 14-15 April 2021, the Presidency of EUROSAI will be handed over from Turkish Court of Accounts to Supreme Audit Institution of Czech Republic.

Mr. Bağış conveyed his best wishes for the very important position for the next 3 years. During the ceremony, the Turkish flag was waved in front of the Headquarter of SAI of Czech Republic.



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