54th EUROSAI Governing Board Meeting held online

Following the successful organisation of the XI EUROSAI e-Congress on 14 April 2021, 54th Governing Board Meeting was held on 15th April 2021 with the participation of new GB members elected at the Congress. As a result of this election, GB came together with the participation of the Presidents of SAIs of Czech Republic (Presidency), Israel (next Presidency), Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Turkey and UK.

The meeting, chaired by Mr. Miloslav Kala, President of the SAI Czech Republic and EUROSAI, started with the approval of the agenda and welcoming to the new members of the GB. Next, presentation of the first vice President and election of the second vice President were carried out.

Regarding the issues related to the EUROSAI Strategy, first discussions on the definition and allocation of portfolios within the GB, appointment of non-GB co-leaders as well as approval of the composition of the Coordination Team took place. For the effective implementation of the EUROSAI Strategic Plan 2017-2024, issues regarding the update of the Operational Plan were also discussed and setting up of the PG for the drafting of EUROSAI Strategic Plan 2024-2030 was decided.

In the following agenda items of the meeting, proposals of the EUROSAI Presidency 2021-2024 were raised by the SAI of Czech Republic; information on XII EUROSAI Congress was delivered and venue and date of the next meeting of the GB was decided.

The meeting ended with the closing speech of Mr. Kala.



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