EUROSAI works towards enhancing its communication

The Secretary General of EUROSAI, Mrs María José de la Fuente and the President of EUROSAI, Mr. Seyit Ahmet Baş hold a meeting - in Madrid on February 18 and in Ankara on February 19 respectively – to welcome Mrs Elita Krūmiņa, Auditor General of the Republic of Latvia and discuss EUROSAI’s communication challenges.

Within the Strategic period 2017 – 2023, the Governing Board of EUROSAI has recognized communication as a particularly important function for sustaining and further developing the Organization, and most importantly – for ‘serving’ its members. Among other substantial governance areas, a special Communication portfolio of EUROSAI was established by the EUROSAI Congress. This portfolio was entrusted to the Governing Board Member - State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia (hereinafter – the SAO of Latvia).

In February 2019, as the Communication portfolio holder, the SAO of Latvia had completed a comprehensive analysis of EUROSAI communication practices and tools, including its website. Based on said analysis the SAO of Latvia will propose to the Governing Board of EUROSAI updates to EUROSAI’s communication framework, together with a supporting Action Plan. The updates are supposed to provide EUROSAI’s members with a better awareness of the value that EUROSAI is able to add to its member SAIs’ daily activities and enhance the Organization’s communication capacities.

One of the actions which the Communication portfolio holder will propose to the Governing Board will be the redesign of the EUROSAI website and to that end the SAO of Latvia will draft the technical specifications for a new EUROSAI website during the 1st quarter 2019. Upon the approval of the project by the Governing Board, the EUROSAI Secretariat and the SAO of Latvia will cooperate closely to develop a new, modern and user-friendly website.

These two discussions between the SAO of Latvia as the Communication portfolio holder and the key players of EUROSAI’s communication – the Secretariat and the Presidency, were of utmost importance to work towards a common understanding and further discussions in March with the all Members of EUROSAI’s Governing Board.

All parties agreed to invest their efforts in enhancing the EUROSAIs communication with the ultimate goal - to meet the needs of its members and to support all EUROSAI auditors in their work with the added value that EUROSAI brings.



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