The III EUROSAI–ASOSAI Joint Conference - Israel, 10-14 March 2019

Welcome to the III EUROSAI–ASOSAI Joint Conference

In August 2018, SAI Israel launched its 70th year celebrations. In July 2019, Judge (Ret.) Joseph H. Shapira will conclude his seven-year term as the State Comptroller and Ombudsman of Israel. Combine these two milestones with the fact that SAI Israel is an active member of both EUROSAI and ASOSAI, and you too will arrive at the conclusion that there is no better place and time for the III EUROSAI–ASOSAI Joint Conference than Israel.

The Theme of the Conference: “Emerging Issues and Emergency Situations”

We live in a fast-changing reality where Emerging Issues and Emergency Situations continually disrupt our lives and affect our nations and our societies. We are witnessing rapid and radical fluctuations throughout the world: the collapse of nations and regimes; the advent of new national and international challenges; and the deepening of global connectedness, with more and more people constantly online, which increases the risk of cyberattacks, threatening the very core of our democracies. Today, natural disasters have a greater effect due to our digital dependency. Economies and social structures are deeply challenged, finding it impossible to take anything for granted or adhere to long-term financial plans; and more. This is revolution, not evolution. These changes are reshaping our society and the relationships between the individual, the community and the State. To remain relevant and effective, we SAIs must respond quickly and make sure we are prepared to audit and examine our nations’ readiness to deal with the different aspects of today’s Emerging Issues and Emergency Situations. Accordingly, the EUROSAI Governing Board has decided to promote professional discussion on audit and Emerging Issues and NAO Finland, as a member of the EUROSAI Governing Board, holds the portfolio Emerging Issues and Forward Thinking since the EUROSAI X Congress in Istanbul in May 2017.

III EUROSAI - ASOSAI Joint Conference integrate into this trend and engage intensively in Emerging Issues and Emergency Situations. The theme of the conference encompasses many important sub-themes:

· Theme I: Emergency Situations' sub-themes include: preparations for natural disasters (earthquakes, wildfires, tsunamis, etc.); disaster management; coping with terror attacks; cyber security threats and more.

· Theme II: Emerging Issues' sub-themes include: dealing with the challenges of migration and refugees; aging populations; pensions; UN sustainable development goals (SDGs); Digitalisation, Blockchain, Big Data and more.

We invite you to join us at this unique inter-regional knowledge sharing experience!



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