EUROSAI Operational Plan Webpage is officially launched!

The EUROSAI Presidency, in coordination with the EUROSAI Secretariat, are pleased to announce the official launch of the new EUROSAI Operational Plan (OP) web page which is an updated and lively platform for all Projects and Project Groups within the scope of Operational Plan and all EUROSAI events as well. This webpage encourages the EUROSAI members to share their products and contribute actively through information sharing via an agile and flexible platform. Please, note that the official EUROSAI website remains the main source of information of EUROSAI, whereas this new web page is complementary one that should be used for consulting detailed information related to the implementation of the Operation Plan in execution of the ESP 2017-2023. To facilitate access to the information, both web pages have properly been linked as you may see below.

By launching the EUROSAI Operational Plan (OP) web page we would like;

1. To make visible the implementation of the OP in terms of projects in a more agile and effective way, especially in terms of the process as well as results and outputs,

2. To promote the successful marketing of the EUROSAI Projects looking for leader and/or participants,

3. To give opportunity to all members attending the EUROSAI events as well as actively working in the Projects to share their works at any time and other activities of the member SAIs to get to know each other’s work well.

The webpage is consisting of two main sections;

1- Community News

In this field and its sub-page, members may access any kind of news of EUROSAI family regardless of its connection to the EUROSAI OP.

2- Eurosai Operational Plan Framework

With the Operational Plan mind map, you can access all documents and details of OP in a fast and upto-date manner. Through, Operation Plan Generation button at the home page, you can create a real-time summary report in which all documents and activities withinin the scope of OP are available. More information about the webpage can be found in the EUROSAI OP website user manual.

This new webpage will provide an opportunity to all members to be able to reach all the EUROSAI Community quickly and regularly. We encourage our members to actively contribute to make this platform more lively and our cooperation more fruitful. Thank you in advance for your efforts in this regards! 



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