EUROSAI Coordination Team Meeting Held in Latvia

EUROSAI Coordination Team (CT) Meeting was hosted by the SAI of Latvia on 11 June 2019 under the chairmanship of Seyit Ahmet Baş, President of EUROSAI and President of the Turkish Court of Accounts. During the meeting, in which the SAIs of Turkey, Czech Republic and Poland took part as members, SAI of Spain (the Secretariat) as observer while the SAIs of Germany and Sweden as guests, discussions were held regarding the implementation of the ESP 2017-2023 and some strategic as well as administrative issues of EUROSAI.

In this regard, the agenda of the CT was mainly composed of the information on Consolidated Annual Progress Reports and updates of the OP, feedbacks of the SG Co-leaders on the implementation period, expected role of the CT to reinforce the adherence to the “Key Principles and Good Practices”, information about possible controversial and challenging issues to be addressed by the GB and elaborations on the several documents produced within the authority of the CT at administrative/strategic levels.



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